Saturday, November 2, 2019

Halloween: The Most Exciting Week Ever (says every 2nd grader)

I chose to embrace the Halloween excitement and harness it if I could.  We did so much this past week:  from writing spoooky stories and word problems to estimating how many seeds are in a pumpkin and groovy haunted house art...   it was an awesome week and I am resting up this weekend!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Poetry, Art, and Math Inspired by Crystals: 2nd Grade's Last Week of Geology!

It's kind of hard to not be inspired by crystals...and glitterThe 2nd graders enjoyed writing about the magical rocks that we have been studying.

Paper gem lanterns!  We could not have accomplished these little jewels without the help of our marvelous 8th grade helpers and visiting parents!  Thank you guys!  ...and thank you to Jossen's mom, Marianne, for all of the help you've given from home.

"Keep your dear teacher happy" sign.  :)

Snowflakes are crystals!  The morning snow on Thursday inspired some learning about the formation of these types of crystals as well as talk about symmetry.

And the grand finale: breaking open geodes!  True magical surprises from nature.